Letters to the Editor


Considering Ray Nagin's recent comments about New Orleans being a "chocolate city" and God wanting it to be that way, Hillary Clinton's MLK Day comparison of the House of Representatives to a plantation and the racially-biased movement to rename a major street in Lafayette after King, I ask: What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. do?

Would the good doctor approve of many of the things that Americans are doing in and with his name? Would he expect the public to grant tributes to him? Would he want for his people to take a day off from work in his honor? Would he want his legacy to be embodied in statues and renamed streets and schools, or in genuine advancement of the black community?

I suspect that Dr. King would be embarrassed and ashamed by many of the things that are done in his name. I suspect that he would distance himself from the notion that God wants New Orleans to be a "chocolate city." I suspect that he would distance himself from the offensive and divisive movement to rename Willow Street "in his honor."

A few years ago, it became fashionable for Christians to wear bracelets bearing the letters WWJD ' a simple reminder to ask oneself: what would Jesus do? Might I suggest a new bracelet: WWMLKD?