Letters to the Editor


I am writing today to make you aware of the recent induction of a family from your community into the 2005 Donation Hall of Fame, sponsored by Baxter Healthcare Corporation. The Donation Hall of Fame, now entering its eighth year, recognizes individuals nationwide who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to blood donation.

One extraordinary group of inductees to this year's Donation Hall of Fame comes from United Blood Services in Louisiana and shows how blood donation is crossing generations. Earl Tanner saw firsthand the critical need for blood while serving as a Marine during World War II. When he returned home, he said it just seemed a natural habit to donate blood.

His wife Leila followed his lead, and together they have inspired their children and grandchildren to make regular blood donations a part of life. The Tanner Family, most of whom live and donate in Lafayette, La., have a total of 542 donations and have helped to improve or save the lives of hundreds of patients. Earl hopes everyone in his family will continue to give "because there is such a great need for donations."

This outstanding family of blood donors will be honored this month at an awards ceremony 5-7 p.m.Thursday, Nov. 17, at United Blood Services (1503 Bertrand Drive).