Party Girl

Party Girl 12.21.09

Joe and Shannon Olivier

Elizabeth Haynes, David Goodwyn and Diana McCormick

Alyson Haymark and Julie Bordelon

Keith Blair

Kiry Gonzales, Julietta Tarazona, and Gary and Thelma McGoffin

Michael Lavergne and Katie Lahey

The Sons of Voodoo

Seth Touchet of the Canes

Toby Dore and Autumn Delahoussaye

Roddie Romero and Billy McDonald

Zach Cook, Misty Cook Corbell, Keith Blair and Tammy Jennings Miles

That quintet of crazy pals known as the Bodacious Brothers were at it again! They held their first annual Bodacious Christmas Bash recently at Grant Street, and judging from the massive crowd that braved the rain and sleet to participate, it definitely will not be the last. However, this grand party was not just about rockin’ out to the awesome bands, including Sons of Voodoo, the Canes, and the Keith Blair All-stars; it was also about bringing some holiday spirit to the Lafayette community. Canned goods for St. Joseph Diner and Christmas gifts for Toys for Tots were collected at the door, and a massive amount of donations were collected in the process.

Party On!