Nathan Stubbs

Robideaux angling for Speaker Pro-Tem?

by Nathan Stubbs

The No. 2 post in the state House may be up for grabs if all goes as expected for current Speaker Pro-Tem Karen Carter Peterson of New Orleans. Peterson is expected to enter and then win the state Senate post being vacated by Cheryl Gray Evans. Names being bandied about as possible successors to Peterson as House lieutenant include Lafayette's own state Rep. Joel Robideaux. In its Pelican Briefs political blog, The Times-Picayune reports:

Many names are likely to be mentioned as possible contenders between now and then, but a couple of front-runners are making the early buzz. One is Rep. Joel Robideaux, a mild-mannered and well-respected independent from Lafayette. Another is Rick Gallot, D-Ruston, the chairman of the House and Governmental Affairs Committee known for his considerable influence and immaculate attire.
The Advocate_ is also reporting that the political jockeying has already gotten so intense that House Speaker Jim Tucker jokingly donned a sign on his chest that read, "Yes, I Know you'd make a great speaker pro tem."