Nathan Stubbs

Jeff Davis police wrapping up DNA tests within department

by Nathan Stubbs

In an effort to clear officers working the crime scenes , and to allay public concerns that any law enforcement officer may be connected to the serial murders that have consumed Jeff Davis Parish over the past four years, the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office has been conducting DNA testing of all city and parish police officers. An item first reported in The Independent's recent cover story on Jeff Davis Sheriff Ricky Edwards, the sheriff is being lauded for the decision but remains tight-lipped on details. Here's what he had to say in a story in today's Advocate:

Edwards said he personally has been swabbed, but declined to comment specifically as to who else has submitted their DNA.

He said he will not announce when the process is complete. Edwards said it is now an employment policy of his department that new deputies will be required to submit DNA when they are hired.

He had no timeline for when the results from the DNA tests could be returned.
“I can assure you it is not like on TV,” Edwards said. “It’s not going to come back in a few hours. It will be a lengthy process.”