Dege Legg

Theatre at ACFM

by Dege Legg

You can't get enough cool theatre stuff in this town, whether it’s off the grid Absurdism or To Kill a Mocking Bird, it’s all righteous in its own way. Ovation TheatreWorks presents Unwrap Your Candy, an anthology of short plays by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Doug Wright. Unwrap Your Candy is a strange and dark collection of one-act plays that delves into the gruesome underbelly of contemporary life with all of its machinations of the soul. The show reveals dark thrills and suspenseful comedy in modern parenting, real estate showings, the miracle of pregnancy and going to the theatre. This is the first production from Ovation TheatreWorks since 2002. After forming in 2000 with the mission of bringing the locals smart and compelling productions, they ceased operations in 2002. This show marks their return to the local theatre scene with two of the company’s original founders at the helm. The production’s cast includes local theatre veterans Duncan Thistlethwaite, Mattie Hartman, Cody Daigle and Cara Hayden. The show was designed by Thistlethwaite with costume design by Gina Baronne. The show will run Jan. 7-9 at the Acadiana Center for Film and Media at Lee and Main downtown. Performances are at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10. For more information, call 330-2048.