Mary Tutwiler

Salvation Army in need of aid during cold snap

by Mary Tutwiler

Let the patter of icy rain drops on your roof while you sit inside sipping hot coffee remind you that there are folks out in the cold, without access to the most basic needs: food, shelter and clothing. Charitable giving is way down this year, and one of the oldest aid organizations, The Salvation Army, has sent out a plea for financial aid.

To catch everyone up on some basics around The Salvation Army.

1. Christmas Kettles were way down from last year: $30,000 less than last year’s total!
2. Our Construction for the new lodge has been halted due to Permits Pending.
3. For our Emergency Cold Night Shelter, we have been having over 120 men and women partaking in our Supper Program, and handing out donated blankets and jackets, as well as squeezing in as many men as possible for the Cold Nights Shelter.
Salvation Army Sgt. John Autry says that one of the urgent issues is that the Salvation Army’s Food Pantry is dwindling, and they are looking for groceries, in particular meat, to feed their clients, as well as warm clothing and blankets to get folks through this cold snap.

To contact Autry, call 321 474-0259 or the Salvation Army Office at 235-2407.