Walter Pierce

Benefits of CNG detailed at LITE today

by Walter Pierce

Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise will be the site today of an informational meeting hosted by the Greater Lafayete Chamber of Commerce detailing the benefit of converting public and private sector fleets from gas and diesel to compressed natural gas. The meeting comes on the heels of an announcement by Lafayette Consolidated Government that Houston-based Apache Oil Co., which has an office in Lafayette, has committed to building a CNG filling station in Lafayette, according to an article Sunday in The Daily Advertiser. LCG hopes to convert some its fleet to CNG, which is about a dollar cheaper per gallon that gasoline.

A source close to the Apache deal says the local Coca-Cola distributor and other large companies have already expressed an interest in converting their fleets to CNG, and it was that interest by private entities as well as LCG that lured Apache into the commitment. The Louisiana Oil & Gas Association is also a player in the deal.

The CNG meeting will be held at LITE at 1:30 p.m. today in the auditorium.