Leslie Turk

Donate blood, help a friend

by Leslie Turk

So often we ask how we can help out when a friend is suffering from cancer or another health problem, and right now there is an opportunity to do just that. Loretta Schultz, wife of former Advocate Acadiana Bureau Chief Bruce Shultz (who is now with the LSU Ag Center), has been courageously battling cancer for more than a decade, and a blood or platelet donation to Our Lady of Lourdes Blood Bank will help defray the Shultzes’ medical bills.

Bruce says Loretta is resting at home and in the care of hospice.

“It will be a monetary donation toward her account,” explains Lourdes Blood Bank spokeswoman Beverly Meche. Because of extreme shortages at this time of the year — donations typically dip and usage goes up over the holidays — Meche also stresses that diabetics and people taking blood pressure medications can donate blood; those on antibiotics or taking heart medications, and those with cancer or hepatitis, cannot. For more details on whether you qualify as a donor, or to set up a blood drive at your place of business, contact Meche at 289-4428 or Angela Kibodeaux at 289-2733.

The urgent need for all blood types remains in effect across Acadiana. United Blood Services is down to a less than one-day supply to service the 50 south Louisiana hospitals that rely on it. Its center is located at 1503 Bertrand Drive. Call 235-5433 for more information about qualifying to donate blood, or to schedule an appointment.