Finds 01.13.10

**OK, really, why didn't we think of this sooner? Red Foot Shoes has launched a line of flats with bendable soles - that's right, they fit in handbags - and even clutches. They're the "original after party shoe," which means when your heels start to kill your feet you just switch 'em out for these lightweight slip-ons. Imagine all the aches and foot conditions Sarah Jessica Parker could have avoided while still looking stylish! The shoes originated in Europe and have just made their way to Lafayette's Shoefits, which notes that some night clubs are even offering Red Foot Shoes in vending machines. The shoes, which resemble ballerina flats and come in a variety of styles, some with jeweled accents, retail for about $45. They're also durable enough to wear all day. Call Shoefits, located in the Shops at Martial, at 216-0200. - Leslie Turk

**Once upon a time there were three little egrets, begins a fairy tale by Lafayette artist Roslyn Fouin. This new fable, about how Louisiana's beautiful waders evade a hunter seeking the bird's plumage, is filled with watercolors depicting the swamp, the marsh and the prairie, the three watery worlds we all inhabit. Fouin credits her love of nature and French Acadian culture to her parents, who raised her in Vermilion Parish. To order a copy, $30.50, go to and search for Three Little Egrets. - Mary Tutwiler

**Lafayette native Clint Maedgen has to be one of the hardest working men in show business. Leader of the multi-media cabaret game-show lounge act The New Orleans Bingo Show!, Maedgen also moonlights with the band Liquidrone and frequently turns up as guest vocalist with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Yes, Maedgen is now a full-blooded New Orleanian, having been adopted by the Crescent City pre-emininent jazz outfit. Late last year, Maedgen and PHJB put out an iTunes-only album under the name Preservation Hall Hot Four, that has generated buzz for Maedgen, who adapts to faithful renditions of standards ("I'll Fly Away") as well as bringing the Preservation Hall in new directions (a cover of the Kinks' "It's Complicated" and a DJ Britt-remixed version of "St. James Infirmary" with an accompanying Fleisher Brothers-inspired cartoon video). The Preservation Hall Hot Four's St. Peter Street Serenade contains five songs and three videos and sells for $3.99, only on iTunes - Nathan Stubbs