Walter Pierce

LDR implements streamlining recommendations

by Walter Pierce

The Louisiana Department of Revenue says it will save taxpayers more than $2 million this year after adopting recommendations from the Commission on Streamlining Government. The commission was established by Gov. Bobby Jindal last year to find ways for state government, facing billions of dollars in budget shortfalls over the next few years, to become more efficient.

Among the measures cited by LDR Secretary Cynthia Bridges is the abolishment of paper tax booklets mailed to taxpayers (to encourage the use of on-line filing); consolidating customer-service operations by closing two regional offices and expanding the use of telecommuting technology; and releasing 10 percent of LDR’s vehicle fleet to the state’s motor-pool reduction program.

LDR will also consolidate its severance tax auditing with the Department of Natural Resources’ royalty auditing in an effort to eliminate duplication of services. And Bridges says LDR is helping other state agencies trim the fat, too. “Our work to make operations more efficient and to improve Louisiana’s business climate continues,” Bridges notes. “In some cases, LDR will be able to apply its expertise to help other agencies renew their focus on their core missions.”