Letters to the Editor


Thank you so much for the article regarding St. Bernard Parish and the Bucket Brigade ("Test Patterns," Nov. 2). I am a 42-year-old business owner who has lived in Chalmette my entire life. My husband, children, parents, sister, in-laws and all other extended family have also been there for the last 40 or so years. We all have nothing now and are trying to decide where we will spend the rest of lives.

Our home was directly affected by the Murphy Oil spill, and we have no hard facts. I have been to the meeting where they want to settle with you, and they cannot even give me test results on air and soil that are sufficient. Needless to say, after over an hour of debate, I left and did not take the money, not yet anyway. I really need some answers.

Your story is a starting point to give some hope to our community. We all want to go home desperately. It is hard to go from a wonderful life one day, to homeless the next. Please don't stop here on your reports with the Bucket Brigade. They may just save some of our lives.