Letters to the Editor


I'd like to know what "little tin-horn despot" that Rebecca Watson is referring to ("IndBox: That Little Tin-Horn Despot," July 12). She certainly isn't referring to the president of the University of Louisiana, Dr. Ray Authement.

Dr. Authement is truly one of UL's greatest leaders ever. Under his leadership, UL has evolved from a sleepy regional school to a nationally-recognized institution. From the new name and logos to the transition to closed admissions to the new and revitalized buildings on campus, Authement's benefit to the university is manifest. The land swap fiasco is but a small pockmark on that record.

Rebecca Watson, and those who agree with her, where is your plan for the horse farm? Are you going to put up the money to buy it? Are you going to pay for this "lovely little garden" that you envision? There is nothing on SaveTheHorseFarm.com about an offer to buy the farm or ideas that will benefit the university. Who's truly the despot here: the man who has lead the university to new heights, or the activists who want to stop him?