Party Girl

Party Girl 01.27.10

Linda Alesi and Bettie Sonnier

Margaret Trahan, Jennifer Whitmore, June Pellerin and Kim Domingue

Greg Trahan and Lisa Boudreaux

Lisa Boudreaux and Kim Bartels

June Pellerin and Denise Brignac

Ashley Guidry, Lissa Schmitt, Courtney Habbit, Kim Benoit, Nancy Northcutt, Cherry Fisher May, Queen Xanadu XIX Debbie Mills, and Dana Orley

Jim and Carol Ann Piccione

Kay Prejean, Jim and Shanna Higginbotham and Jerry Prejean

Dolly Brandt, Jessica Cornay, Elizabeth Bernard & Claire Bohn

The Krewe of Xanadu has been busy in recent months. The annual announcement dinner took place at the Petroleum Club, when the theme “Xanadu Celebrates 20 Years — We’re Tickled Pink” was presented along with King Xanadu XX, Greg Trahan, Queen Xanadu XX, Lisa Boudreaux and the nine royal muses. With everyone thinking pink, one can only imagine what krewe captain Naomi Maraist has in mind for her costume this year but muse characters will include a pink poodle, a pink cosmo, pink ballerina, pink flamingo, pink playboy bunny, pink Bo Peep, Sleeping Beauty, and cotton candy; theme muse Kay Laviolette will portray Xanadu’s “Signature Girl.” More recently, the muses of last year’s court passed along the commemorative memento boxes to the XXth, a very sweet tradition. La Fonda was the venue of choice for this festive Saturday brunch, which was abuzz with plans for the 2010 ball on February 12. That’s when Xanadu will take the runway at The Cajundome Convention Center with its usual savoie-flair! Mardi Gras to the World!

With the precision of a physician, Jim Piccione spent months carefully planning his wife Carol Ann's surprise 40th birthday party, with attention to every detail. The set up? Her gal pals Crystall Young, Christin Barrios and Katherine Domingue took the honoree out for a few cocktails with plans to meet Jim and the guys at Tsunami a little later. Little did Carol Ann know as they worked their way through the dining room toward Lounge that dozens of friends were waiting there to share in the big celebration. It was evident from the delight on Carol Ann's face as she parted the curtains to enter the party that Jim totally succeeded in his mission. As Carol Ann said in an e-mail to all the next day: “I still cannot believe it! Thank you for helping my wonderful husband pull this off. I feel so very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!”

Party On!