Leslie Turk

UL's Savoie: Haitian relief funds set up for students

by Leslie Turk

UL President Joe Savoie has taken to blogging to help raise funds for 14 UL Lafayette students personally affected by the recent earthquake in Haiti. “Some of the students are thankful to have received the wonderful news that their parents are alive,” Savoie writes in a post to the UL community. “Others have not yet received any word from their families. All have lost their family homes.”

The students have decided to remain on campus and continue their studies, but most will struggle to pay their basic living expenses, along with tuition and books. “In addition to worries about their loved ones in Haiti, these students are also concerned about their immediate future since they are dependent on their families back home in Haiti for financial support,” Savoie notes.

Because of this, accounts have been established at the UL Lafayette Foundation and the UL Lafayette Credit Union to accept financial donations. Anyone interested in helping out can do so online. Donations can also be dropped off at the UL Lafayette Credit Union, 619 McKinley St. Please specify "Haitian Relief Fund" with your donation.

(UPDATE: UL's communications department says since this story was posted yesterday, all of the students have made contact with their parents.)