Letters to the Editor


Dege Legg's article seems to "romanticize" the life of a tramp. As a downtown resident, home owner, and business owner, these tramps need to hop on a train and move on. I would like The Independent to not focus on the "why" of homelessness. Anyone associated with the efforts to resolve this problem can tell you the "why" of homelessness. It is a common thread in all of the tramp's tales. The tramps featured in your article have one thing in common. Responsibility. Or in this case, the lack of it.

As someone points out, "It's a pressure free lifestyle ' we're free." Your article should have focused a little more on personal responsibility. They are responsible for their circumstances. Lafayette has an abundance of agencies that will help people who become stranded. I was shocked to read Jason had lost his driver's license and unable to get a new one. Acadiana Outreach has a history of helping people replacing a lost driver's license. Wait a minute, Jason was jailed for a DUI. Guess what Jason, get a photo ID. Unless you are driving for a living, all you need is a photo ID. The great state of Louisiana can do that for you.

After reading the article, I went online and listened to the audio interviews. Keith says he wants a job. Listening to the audio version of the article, Keith says its "work." Yes Keith, getting a job is work. Getting up every morning to go to your job is work. Using your paycheck to take care of your personal obligations is work. Keeping a job is work. Being a responsible citizen is work. Work on putting the bottle down and get to work. Work on changing your attitude. Work on making a better life for yourself and those around you.

Clearly, those featured in "Slipping Through the Cracks" missed that life lesson.