Mary Tutwiler

Dig a sustainable gardening class

by Mary Tutwiler

Kurt Unkel is known in locovore circles for his organically raised brown rice and hormone-free pork, fattened on that good grain he grows. Just in time for spring planting, he’s agreed to share all the knowledge he’s gained after years of experimentation, in a sustainable gardening class. Sponsored by local organic growers EarthShare Gardens, the class will be held in Unkel’s garden, in Kinder, on Saturday, Feb. 6. Joining Unkel will be Dr. Glen Dupree, a “natural” veterinarian who will speak on what stainability means to the grower and how it impacts our environment and community. The cost of the class will be $50 with a class size limited to 50 people. Contact Unkel at [email protected], or call (337) 207-0966 for more information.