Dege Legg

Acadiana based film on the Syfy channel Feb. 6

by Dege Legg

Here’s further evidence that the decision to give tax breaks to movie productions filming in Louisiana, and specifically Lafayette, has not been all for naught. Bullet Films’ House of Bones will play on the Syfy Channel on Saturday, Feb. 6. at 6 p.m. CST. Filmed entirely in Acadiana, with many instantly recognizable local sites, House of Bones is a fictional account of TV ghost hunters investigating a haunted house. Bullet films, a Lafayette-based (via Los Angeles) production company, cast two Acadiana residents, Lafayette Entertainment Initiative Director Marcus Brown and local musician Collin Galyean, to play major roles in the film. In addition, numerous other Acadiana residents were employed as production assistants, camera operators, grips, editors, and other technical postitions.

Syfy channel schedule for Feb. 6