Party Girl

Party Girl 02.10.10

Brytt Eldredge, Lauren Bourgeois, Jan Elmore and Louise Lambert

Lauren Bourgeois, Shannon Johnson, Suzie Reagan, Louise Lambert, Shanna Higginbotham, Edie Corrigan and Lisa Roy

Louise Lambert, Amy Thomas, Jason Peck and Kelly Cobb

Louise Lambert, Jason Peck and Jeff Elmore

Louise Lambert, Shanna Higginbotham, Edie Corrigan and Shannon Johnson

Pictures created live on stage

Douglas and Michelle Domingue

Travis Conques, Jared Conques and Ethan Conques

artists "grinding" on stage

the Grinder crowd

Devaney Diamond, Abby Meaux, Katie Nicholson, Lindsay Vella, Erin Soignier and Andrea Potier

Kimberly Saucier and Matthew Hernandez

Friends and family gathered at the home of Mike Thompson to celebrate the 40th birthday of his daughter, Louise Lambert. Guests were treated to sushi from Tsunami, grilled chicken pasta from Zea, and a scrumptious chocolate dobash cake from Poupart's for dessert. Everyone mingled in the upstairs kitchen, while a few people got silly and rode up and down in the elevator. After, there were drinks on the balcony that overlooks River Ranch's lake, dancing, and one guest even sang to the delight of the attendees. Louise got some great gifts from her dear friends, such as spa gift certificates, a decorative cross, jewelry, and wine. And since Louise is now doing half marathons, her husband Todd presented her with a Garmin running watch to help her along.

For those people who like their art a little more funky, Lafayette Creative recently held Grinder: Creative Arts Expo. Held at Nitetown, Grinder was created to be a full-on art experience, intended to promote as well as expand our Acadiana art community. It featured an expo style marketplace where local artists sold their works, which included comics, jewelry, clothing, sculpture, paintings, music, photography, fiction and even poetry. There was also a live art exhibition on stage, where artists created works of art from start to finish and then the audience was allowed to bid on them. Helping the artists along creatively as they painted were the groovy tunes of DJ Rus with Jeff Hebert on drums. Everyone had a great time as new creative networks were created, tips and tricks were picked up and shared between artists, and eclectic and unique pieces were bought and sold.

Party On!