Letters to the Editor


Kudos to The Independent Weekly, and congratulations Steve May for taking a stand for fairness ("When Push Comes to Shove," May 11). I was subjected to the push poll conducted by Verne Kennedy's company and told them exactly how raunchy I thought they were. Another poll was conducted earlier when LUS first announced their intentions to provide fiber to the home, and it was slanted in the same manner. Glad you fired Mr. Kennedy and published the reasons.

Don't you find it amazing how BellSouth has all these plans for fiber-to-the-home as Bill Oliver announced on AOC, and Cox now has a bundled service for $99.90 (for the first six months). They are really afraid of what will happen when LUS is up and running.

For a long time now, I've complained to BellSouth about the poor Internet connection we have in my area. I use dial-up, as I don't feel justified using Cox or BellSouth's broadband. We get 24.6 to 26.4 kilobytes using a 56K modem. Our control service is at Locksley Street off Kaliste Saloom. Let me quote John Williams' answer to my complaint: "We are aware of this service being below standard, but we are legally required to furnish only 19 Kbps, and it would not be profitable to upgrade this service." This from the company that touts its concern and service to our city.

Please keep up the good work and let the public know all sides so they can vote intelligently.