Dege Legg

Hickoid invasion

by Dege Legg

Fusing the energy of punk rock with the historical legacy of old time roots music ain't nothing new, but it sure is entertaining in a most satisfying way. Who were the original punk rock hell raisers in the days of yore? Freaking hillbillies, that's who. When they weren't tending sheep, they were feuding with their neighbors, making moonshine, or chasing pigs. One band coming to town this weekend that is still carrying that hillbilly flame into the 21st century with hillbilly revival of great unknown is The Hickoids. Since the '80s, they've been banging out torch song hardcore and speedcore country. They kept it weird in Texas when Texas wasn't yet ready to get so weird. For that we salute The Hickoids. They play Artmosphere on Feb. 6 with Louisiana twang lords, Dash Rip Rock.
1. Life story of The Hickoids in 10 words...more or less. A decades-long hay explosion featuring down-home Tejas punks, expressing theyselves through "musics"

2. Ya´ll played a lot of killer shows over the years. Best/craziest gig ever? Impossible to really say. I remember a fantastic Valentine's Day with the The U-Men in Seattle with the Butthole Surfers in front of a big crowd in LA. The shows with Loco Gringos back in the day...and many crazy times at the great Taco Land in San Antonio.

3. Worst gig ever?**
Again, there are too many to enumerate! In El Paso after three songs and a major fight. And then being told you can take this $75 and leave now or continue and get nothing!
4. What are the top three things you've learned about the music industry in 20+ years? 
Thank god for Smitty (Hickoids singer who runs our business/label). Do it for love. Do it yourself.

5. What is one thing you never do in Texas while wearing a dress?
Insult a cop.

6. The coolest land mammal is the __________.
Kitty cat.

7. Jim Morrison claimed to have the spirit of an Indian Shaman living inside his "fragile, eggshell mind." What lives inside of The Hickoids?
Unending supplies of fun, irony, and amazement.
8. Fill in the blank. Pat Robertson is _____________.
INSANE!  He's really gone waaaay off the deep end now! Need I say more?

9. Got any cool Big Boys (legendary Texas punk band) stories from back in the day?

Just remember the little children gathered around the feet of both Chris and Tim, who were more than happy to tell them specifically what music and behavior was "cool" and "right". We had a great New Year's gig this year with Chris and Gatesville over on the east side. It was wonderful at the Longbranch. I miss Biscuit, that's for sure.

10. 2012. The next evolution of consciousness or blind date with disaster?
Every year be's both, n'est ce pas? HEEEEEEEE-HAW!