Leslie Turk

T-P's record-breaking ‘Amen' paper

by Leslie Turk

The Saints have been good for the struggling newspaper business.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune’s Monday edition, plastered with a 5-inch-tall “AMEN” headline in honor of the Saints 31-17 victory over the Colts to clinch Super Bowl XLIV, is likely to be the 173-year-old paper’s best seller.

Ten hotels we checked in the warehouse district early this morning were sold out and awaiting more copies; the presses are continuing to roll. “We have been printing through the night and are continuing to print copies now to meet your demand. We appreciate your loyalty and patience on this great and exciting day for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region,” The T-P wrote today. If you’re still in the Crescent City, here is a list of locations that should have papers available. Expect to wait in line.