Louisiana Libertarian candidate launches Web site

by Dege Legg

Louisiana Libertarian and senatorial candidate Anthony Gentile launces new Web site this week.

Tired of the left/right dynamic of modern politics? How about some third party action? Feeling as though we're in the twilight of the republic, many voters - fed up with the shuck and jive nonsense of both Democrat and Republican leadership - are turning to third party candidates who are slowly filling in the broadening gap between the two sometimes unpromising extremes.

Louisiana Libertarian, Mandeville resident, and senatorial candidate Anthony Gentile launched a new Web site this week highlighting his campaign for U.S. Senate in the upcoming fall election. Gentile has declared that he is not a politician but a "statesman" and that he'll focus on the issue rather than personal attacks and playground, finger-pointing shenanigans that seem to be the standard in post-modern political dialogue.

The site can be viewed here.