Soup for you

by Mary Tutwiler

A bisque of a different color.

When we say crawfish bisque here in Louisiana, it means a deep brown roux-based soup, filled with crawfish tails and stuffed heads. So when a bowl of creamy corn and crawfish soup under the aegis "bisque" was served to diners, confusion ensued. Adding to the enigma, bisque, in French cooking lingo, does mean a creamy soup, so outsiders to the Cajun cooking nomenclature protested when they got a bowl of the brown stuff. Poor Boy's Riverside Inn decided to settle the matter by dubbing its corn and crawfish dish with the generic title "soup." Needless to say this bowl of hot liquid is neither generic nor broth; it's a rich, spoon coating bowl of sweet corn soup chock-a-block with crawfish tails. Corn and crawfish soup comes as a cup, $6.95, a small bowl, $9.25, and a large bowl, $11.95. Both bowls come with a green salad. Call 837-4011 or check out the menu on Riverside's Web site.