Party Girl

Party Girl 02.24.10

Julia and Gene Lognion

Jerry and Renee Reaux and Gene Lognion

Missy and Ed Wynn

Lawrence and Katy Svendson

Robert Harris, Renee Reaux, Ongel Aldridge, Mike Gibbens and Ross Keogh

Natalie Angelle, Celie Rivera and Adam Angelle

Napoleon and Josephine XXXIV Dane and Cara Escott

Stephanie Bentley, Britt Richard and Samantha Anthony

Josalyn Smith, Laura Miller and Brei Delahoussaye

Angela Vesper, Deirdre Malzahn, Andrea Thibodeaux and Keith Dronet

Julie Dronet, Christy Faugot and Shari Raggio

Councilman Keith Patin with Ashley Bertrand

the705 President and former Councilwoman Michele Ezell and school board member Rae Trahan

School board member Mark Babineaux talks to Ben Berthelot

School board member Greg Awbrey talks to a 705 member

Nicole Hebert, Emily Marine and Jennifer Ritter

The charming theme of the Krewe of Bonaparte Ball this year was "The Powers That B'." The Cajundome Convention Center was transformed into a swanky scene with purple-tinged lighting and two massive stages at either ends of the room, connected by a lengthy runway. All the better for catching the beads and goodies that the Royal Court tossed on its way to the amazing, painted throne room. Napoleon and Josephine XXXIV were Dane and Cara Escott, each presented amid cheers and fireworks. The rest of the Royal Court enchanted the crowd dressed as some very magical beings, from Marie Laveau and Houdini to Beetlejuice and Jeannie. After the awesome promenade, the runway was parted and everyone danced the rest of the night away. This was Party Girl's first time at the Bonaparte Ball, but after all of the fun I had, it surely won't "B" the last!

the705 is an organization of young leaders looking to make a difference in the Acadiana community through volunteer service and leadership development. But they do like to do it while having fun! the705 has monthly meetings, one of which was recently held at Lafayette Lanes. Lafayette Parish School Board members and Lafayette City-Parish Council members were even on hand to rub elbows with the705 members and talk a little bit about the community. It was a casual way to get everyone talking about their ideas, all while working on picking up their spares. I must admit, I never knew that those neon bowling shoes looked so good paired with suits! The group is always welcoming new members, so if you are interested in joining and lending a hand visit for more info.

Party On!