Top 5 with Lafayette artist Herb Roe

by Dege Legg

Lafayette artist Herb Roe give us this week's Top 5.
Top 5 Reasons to live in Acadiana with artist Herb Roe

1. The culture, the festivals, and the music. We have the best local music scene in the world here. Where else can you go out each night of the week and see a zydeco band, a Django-escque traditional Cajun band, a great rock band, and a jazz band?

2. The people. I love how the public here supports the arts by buying our stuff, coming to our events. It makes it all possible.

3. The Food. It's so hard to stay below 300 pounds here. I fight it every day.

4. The weather. It may be cold or rainy, but who here is digging out of a blizzard?

5. The artists. painters, sculptors, printmakers, poets, writers, and musicians. There are just so many and so many great ones for a city this size. It's inspiring to have so many great shows and events all of the time.

Herb Roe is a professional muralist and freelance artist living in Lafayette. After a 15-year career as a muralist, in 2007 Roe struck off on his own to do freelance fine art and mural work. He works in a variety of media from classical realism in oils, graphite and pen drawings to digital media. His subjects range from classical portraiture, photorealist abstract compositions, historical illustration and product design.

Official website: www.chromesun.com