Pink Floyd tribute at Nitetown

by Dege Legg

Bricks in the Wall, a Pink Floyd tribute act plays Nitetown tonight
They got the laser lights. They got the trippy fog machines. They got the wall. They got the props. And the pig. And they got the 9-piece band playing the whole Wish You Were Here album in celebration of its 35th year anniversary. What more do you want? Ok, I guess you want Syd Barret to rise from the grave and play you a whammy bar solo? Probably not going to happen. And it seems unlikely that the remaining members of Pink Floyd will reunite. So you may as well go see the next best thing. It's almost same thing as Pink Floyd, but with none of the real dudes, but it's probably pretty cool. Bricks in the Wall: The Pink Floyd Tribute hits Nitetown on tonight, March 5.