Tuesday's Top 5 with James Van Way

by Dege Legg

**Read Tuesday's TOP 5 with KRVS radio host James Van Way TOP 5 SEMI-OBSCURE RECORDS WITH JAMES VAN WAY (host of KRVS radio show The Fringe)

1. American Music Club, Mercury.
I saw the video for the song "Johnny Mathis' Feet" when I was in the 10th or 11th grade and was delighted to find this CD at Circuit City not long after. Still probably my second favorite record of all time and sadly very overlooked.

2. Codeine, The White Birch
Another bum-out classic from around the same period. Looked for this one forever and finally found it last year at an antique store in Sunset.

3. Confessor, Condemned
One of the weirdest metal records I've ever heard. Super technical with these screeching vocals. An acquired taste, to be sure.

4. Blackout Beach, Skin of Evil
This came out last year, and totally blew my mind.  Some kind of dark, apocalyptic fairy tale about this...hell, I don't know. But it's weird and it's awesome.

5. Juno, Future Lived in Past Tense
From the title, you can tell this is a little on the emo side. This band came out of that scene, but they turned it on its head with this record.  And then they promptly broke up.

James Van Way is host of the KRVS radio show The Fringe (Friday nights, 88.7 FM), master tastemaker, all-around rad dude, and vocalist/guitarist for the Lafayette band Markings. Peep him out.