Top 5 at SXSW with Tiffany Lamson

by Dege Legg

**Top 5 at South by Southwest Tif Lamson

**TOP 5 at SXSW with Tiffany Lamson (of GIVERS)

1. Local Natives at the Galaxy Room keepin' it warm and fresh. I love when bands can make a packed room feel like they're all friends.

2 JEFF the brotherhood! That duet/garage-punk has their sh*t down. Melted my face, oh so nicely.

3. Icon the Mic King AKA Mike King. Born to be a Rapper. This guy was amazing on the streets. Blindfolded with a mic. You put any object in his hand and he guesses what it is while rapping. Amazing.

4 Vadoinmessico a band based in London that really tapped into a sincere wavelength. Their musicianship and hi-ranging sigur rós meets Ben Gibbard vocals were beautiful.

  1. Hipster street critique! The people are extremely interesting to watch. Blah.