Letters to the Editor


During the 20 years of operation, Le Video Store of Breaux Bridge has conducted business in a most professional manner. Many of the employees were university students needing to work to help defray the cost of higher education. These students were always encouraged by the employer of Le Video Store to continue their education to completion. Most of them have done so and have gone on to seek careers in nursing, education and managerial positions. As a result of working at Le Video Store, they have become productive citizens in their respective communities. Le Video Store has operated without incident and or disturbances of any sort where the police had to be called, and there is nothing in the police files or records to show otherwise.

The Acadiana Citizens for Community Values seem to have double standards. They claim to want to protect children against pornography, yet they found it quite favorable to send a minor, posing as an adult, into Le Video to purchase a video. It was also all right with them to have adolescent children marching around Le Video, on a busy highway, getting in the way of customers parking at the store, calling out to customers in protest and hiding behind their rosary beads (not white sheets anymore). Parents who allowed their children to be involved in those practices are irresponsible and hypocritical and should really be ashamed of themselves.

The ordinance passed by the St. Martin Parish Council members against Le Video included statements that were most distasteful, filthy and disgusting. It is unbelievable how many filthy thoughts and words can surface because an adult chooses to purchase or rent an adult video. There is a saying, "As a man thinks, so is he." The same applies to groups. Remember your thoughts become words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your character, and your character becomes your destiny.