Get your Spirit Pole and go!

by Mary Tutwiler

Come spend the morning with John Geldersma to create your own Spirit Pole. Renowned artist John Geldersma will discuss his creative process and give a brief demonstration. This will be followed by hands-on activities for participants. Learn to appreciate the character of reclaimed wood as you shape it into a work of art. Participants need to bring a one to three foot pole, acrylic paint and paint brushes.  Observers welcome also.

Geldersma works primarily in wood and has produced a wide array of pieces in archetypal forms, from his hanging "Shamans" to mandala-like totemic sculpture termed "Spirit Poles."  He is perhaps best known for these latter, inspired by primitive fetishes, various trans-historic ritualistic geometric designs and the vibrant cultural milieu of his native southwestern Louisiana. The artist has cited his early immersion in the intersection of such divergent cultures as French, Spanish, African-American, Caribbean, Anglo-Saxon and Native American as a major influence on his art.

The class takes place on Saturday, March 27, 9 a.m. to noon, at Town Market Rural Arts Centre, Arnaudville. The fee is $50 for adults, free for students. All ages welcome. Contact Patrice Melnick, 662-1032; [email protected], for more info.