Lafayette Judo competition on March 27

by Dege Legg

Lafayette Judo competition kicks butt.

Damnit the Judo Boys are back! Kicking, chopping, blocking and doing all that other grappling stuff. The translation for Judo means "gentle way," meaning they kick your ass, but do it all chilled out. Judo was invented in Japan in the nineteenth century by tripped out monks who sipped mushrooms juice and liked to levitate. I just made that up. It's not true except for the 19th century part and Japan. The majesty of Judo involves skillfully throwing one's opponent to the ground and then subduing him or her with either badass grappling maneuvers, joint locks, or choke holds. You got to be tough, holmes. They'll grapple your ass in the grass. Shinkai Judo is a local community orientated Judo Club. On March 27, they present the 2010 Louisiana State Judo Tournament at the Comeaux Rec Center, located at 411 West Bluebird Street. The venue double booked the event, so scratch the George Dupuis Center. The tournament features various weight divisions and skill levels for both children and adult Judo players. Entrance is free for spectators and $35 for participants. Awards are given for first, second and third place and all participating children will receive medals. All participants must have current membership in a Judo association, such as USA Judo. Question. How many times was the word "Judo" mentioned in this plug? If you guess correctly, you win a free judo judo judo judo lesson from former Independent Weekly writer, Nick Pittman. For more info, visit