Victoria Reggie Kennedy speaks at Women's Conference

by Dege Legg

Women's History Month closes out with the annual Women's Conference on March 31.

Women have a history. Just like men. March is Women's History Month and UL will be hosting its annual Women's Conference on March 31. The event will celebrate women of all ages and will include a keynote address by Victoria Reggie Kennedy, widow of U.S. Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy. She's that lady from Crowley who married Ted Kennedy in the '90s and pulled him out of the doom hole of poor decision making. Helped straighten his life out guy was going down the wrong path, hanging with a bad crowd.

This year's theme is "Writing Women Back into History." Dr. Marcia Gaudet will do a presentation on Ernest J. Gaines. Be at the Cajundome Convention on March 31. The conference will start at 8 a.m. with what is rumored to be a thoroughly regal continental breakfast that will blow your MIND OUT. Registration also includes a superb meal known in parts of the Western world as lunch. In addition, attendees gain access to all sessions along with the luncheon, keynote addresses, and a special secret gift.