Letters to the Editor


I've been reading The Independent Weekly for about a year, and this is by far the best article that I've read ("Slipping Through the Cracks," June 13). For years I've been watching and observing the homeless, wondering how they got to that point.

I was a vendor for a snack company here in Lafayette, and my route was on the north side of Lafayette. I've probably seen every homeless person in Lafayette, and I've even talked to a few. Being a vendor with food on my truck, I would often be approached and asked for anything that I could spare. I've never refused; I always gave a little something. They would always be so appreciative. As they would walk away I would watch them and wonder where were they from, how did they get here, why they chose Lafayette and how did they get to this point.

This article answered so many of my questions. I think it could be made into a documentary and entered into some kind of film festival.