Paul Schexnayder show opens during ArtWalk

by Mary Tutwiler


a new exhibit by Paul Schexnayder will be on display at Galerie Eclaireuse
for the upcoming ArtWalk on Saturday.

"Storylines" features over 20 wooden assemblages.

"They  are a glimpse into a story," says Schexnayder. "The process for each piece is similar to writing an original story. The setting is made from cut pieces of wood, arranged in a unifying composition. Colorful symbols, landscapes and figures make up the characters. The plot is the  musical rhythm and charged emotion that  moves through each story. The delicate details sweep across a dreamy land. They have  a sense of place with the universal qualities, experiences and exploits of life."
Image: Double Bayou by Paul Schexnayder
Storylines opens Saturday, April 10 at 6 p.m. at Galerie Eclaireuse, 535 Jefferson St., Lafayette. Call 234-5492 for more info.