Update: Hardy defends drug offender ID bill on Fox

by Walter Pierce

The Lafayette Democrat's bill to require additional identification for felony drug offenders goes national.

Rep. Rickey Hardy, D-Lafayette, was up early Tuesday to appear via satellite on the Fox News Channel morning show "Fox & Friends" in defense of House Bill 139, his legislation that would require the driver's licenses of second-offense felony drug convicts to bear an orange indicator identifying them as such.

"Elderly and senior citizens cannot enjoy their golden years in their community because of drug activity, illegal drug activity that's taking place," Hardy said of the bill. "I live in the real world; I live in the 'hood. I don't live in a gated community. I see that every day. What's embarrassing when you see folks that have crack addiction, heebie-jeebies, just walking around the street ... We have to do something to eradicate that type of behavior."

A New Orleans medical doctor who treats drug addicts appeared opposite Hardy on the program and said of HB 139, "The law itself seems to be prejudicial and discriminatory and it seems to serve no useful purpose."

Hardy's bill is currently before the House Criminal Justice Committee.

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