Tuesday's Top 5 with musician Keith Blair

by Dege Legg

Keith Blair is everywhere...

"Keith Blair is Everywhere!" That's the new catchphrase I'm launching for Lafayette roots musician, songwriter, and blues guitar gunslinger. If you haven't seen him about town, you might be living in a cloistered monastery, because that's probably one of the last places on earth you'll find this dude. In fact, he's so many places The Independent Weekly had to solicit two Top 5 lists from him. That's right two! One just doesn't cover enough bases when it comes to Keith Blair. Because that's right, you guessed it KEITH BLAIR IS EVERYWHERE! Holler that at him next time you see him about town. Let's see if we can get this thing going.

TOP 5 Albums of all Time
1. U2, Joshua Tree

2. Johnny Guitar Watson, 3 Hours Past Midnight

3. Bob Marley, Legend

4. Steve Miller, Greatest Hits

5. John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton


TOP 5 Places to Hang**
1. Blue Moon Saloon

2. Bourque's Social Club

3. Whiskey River Landing

4. Grant Street Dancehall

5. Artmosphere

Keith Blair is Everywhere...