Bach Lunch + Downtown Alive!

by Dege Legg

Friday is here. Why not catch both Bach Lunch and DTA?

Lafayette local roots rockers The Canes bring their hopped up Blonde on Blonde style riffage and  hyper catchy tunes to the Parc Sans Souci today for this week's edition of Bach Lunch. The weather is great. The food is good. The people are human. And the music is good. Why not go?

Slide guitar blue monster John Mooney returns with his band Bluesiana to play Downtown Alive in Parc International tonight. As a teenager growing up in Rochester, New York, Mooney was tutored in the blues by the legendary Delta bluesman Son House, who had taken up residence there with his wife. The two, according to Mooney, would sit out on House's porch and play guitar, covering everything from the raw, country blues standards to classic gospel tunes. That tutelage was not lost on Mooney. He's made a career out of keeping the slide guitar blues alive adapting it to a modern electric form while contributing to the tradition with his own compositions. Be there tonight April 16 at Downtown Alive to witness a piece of cultural history being passed along to the next generation.

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