Letters to the Editor


First off let me say how sorry I am for everyone's loss caused by either Katrina or Rita. My prayers go out to you and yours. My question is: what isĀ FEMA, a byproduct of Welfare? When was it established? Does it have anything to do with Homeland Security?

As much as I feel FEMA is there to help, I also feel it should be accountable for every cent it spends. I hope it has not become another government waste like our military expenses. No, I don't mean for our troops' safety; I mean inflating prices of nuts and bolts that cost 30 cents, but we the taxpayers are billed $5 each for. An example is a blue tarp put on a home by a general contractor would cost around $500 depending on size, and yet FEMA thinks nothing of paying more than $1,000 for each one. Also, why did we allow all those lower than life so-and-so's to receive FEMA checks for nothing? How hard is it to make those applying provide pictures from a $5 throwaway camera showing an actual address? Most importantly, tell everyone receiving money that they are required to submit invoices for money issued in six months, or they must repay our hard earned taxes.

Now to FEMA housing, is there any requirement besides saying you have nothing? Why can there not be a condition that we will provide housing for just so long, then you must find a job and start paying back the cost of your home or trailer paid for by our taxes.

New Orleans will never be better unless it learns that it cannot keep a blind eye to those staying on Welfare, committing crimes, doing drugs. If you're willing to work, welcome back, if not, you're not wanted, nor do we owe you anything. Having babies just to increase your Welfare checks should never be allowed. Drug tests should be mandatory for everyone receiving assistance.

Again I'm sorry for your hardship, but I don't pay taxes so you can just sit around and do nothing. Come on FEMA, get some guidelines to all this tax money you're giving out!