Party Girl

Party Girl 04.28.10

Corey Carriere and Regina Reviere

Amy Menard, Heather Guidroz, Christina McHugh, Jessica Prejean and Chris Gilley

Chris Forgason and Greg Couvillier

Grant Fontenot, Lauren Turner, W. B. Furher III, Dianne Bernard  and Meg Gremillion

Heather Guidroz and Ryan Cormier

Morgan Coulter, Elise Landry, Stacy Miller and Avery Prejean

Michelle Bayard and Natalie Vidrine

Clay Judice, Dege Legg and Primo

Kara Farmer and Holly Laird

Hunter Perez, Kellye Weeks and Billy Weeks

Robert Rushing and Chad Willis

Dege Legg and Renaldo Francis

Dege sings the blues

The Independent crew: Lanie Cook, Walter Pierce, Leslie Turk, Dege Legg,
Maria Capritto Lambert, Cherry Fisher May, Steve May and Robin Hebert

Four Lafayette bartenders decided they would like to spend two weeks volunteering for those less fortunate. Amy Menard and Heather Guidroz will be volunteering at an orphanage from May 12 to the 24th in Katmandu, Nepal. They are working with International Volunteer HQ in the United States and with its sister program, Hope & Home in Nepal. While Amy and Heather are in Nepal, Christina McHugh and Jessica Prejean will be volunteering at an orphanage and hospital in Costa Rica. To help their friends' admirable efforts, Legend's Downtown was open on a recent Sunday for a "Bartenders Giving Back Party." There was a silent auction featuring a Saints plaque donated by Pamplona, a goodie basket from City Bar, dinner at Tsunami and plenty of other goodies from downtown establishments as well as many others. The one and only Pugs made delicious pasta that everyone had numerous plates of, and The Josh Taylor Band graciously donated its time for the music. There is still time to donate to help them reach their goal. If you would like to help, contact McHugh at [email protected]

Party Girl and the rest of The Independent office headed over to Blue Moon recently to support our favorite coworker/wordsmith/rocker Dege Legg. It was the CD release party of his new album, Folk Songs of the American Longhair, recorded under his stage name, Brother Dege. It also marked the beginning of his tour to promote it. Guess we will have to do without him and his magnificent beard for a while, which I have hypothesized is the source of his musical talent, kind of like Samson got his strength from his hair. Santeria, of whom Dege is still a member, was also there cranking out some tunes. Dege gave his unique take on the "Star Spangled Spangled Banner," which had the packed house cheering. Good luck on your tour Dege, and don't forget our souvenirs!

Party On!