Letters to the Editor


A reorganization of the LSU system might not be a bad thing ' if it were done with a clear and attainable goal in sight that would ultimately benefit LSU and the state. However, I believe it is absolutely impossible for any changes made to the LSU system to happen with the faith of the public, if Gov. Kathleen Blanco and Coach Raymond Blanco are involved.

We all know that the supporters of Southwestern (call it ULL all you want, but changing the name changes nothing) have always envied LSU's flagship status and wanted a piece of the spotlight. The problem is that they have never done anything to deserve it except to whine incessantly!

Does Southwestern have entrance requirements? No! Does Southwestern have intentions of having any? No! Does Southwestern have a research school worth mentioning? No! Does Southwestern bring tourism dollars to the state by virtue of their athletic teams? No! Is Southwestern simply a "good" school that opens its doors to students who couldn't cut the entrance requirements for LSU and La. Tech? Yes!

Until we see a lot more answers in the yes column, then USL needs to stay what it is ' a "good" alternative school to LSU and Louisiana Tech. At least LSU and Louisiana Tech earned their reputations and the pride in their names; they didn't try to steal them! Gov. Blanco and her husband are the acknowledged champions of Southwestern, and their involvement in this process makes it immediately suspect to all LSU supporters!

Having said all of this, it's time for someone to tell Gov. Blanco to stick to mismanaging the state and tell her husband to manage his own school better and stop trying to steal the hard earned name and reputation of Louisiana's true flagship school ' LSU!