Letters to the Editor


I call to your attention a condition that exists in front of my home on Kim Drive. The gutter and street are filled with dead vegetation and muck preventing our access to our mailbox. The last time it was cleaned was in October 2004. We have been paying our taxes and maintaining that portion of the street for the past 26 years. A couple of crushed vertebrate in November 2004 and an eye loss from a stroke in October 2005 cancelled that, and my wife of 62 years is undergoing treatment for Alzheimers.

Repeated calls since October of 2005 to the city-parish's street department and the city-parish council have resulted in kindly phrased letters instructing us to wait 45 days and call again.

Thanks a lot.

Our self-designated bead tosser, Rob Stevenson, seems too busy advising the airport people on the fine art of public graft. We have not heard from him. Evidently he finds difficulty getting this far away from his comfortable office. However, he showed little reluctance in traveling to Hawaii on our nickel. I realize that Mr. Stevenson is probably incapable of performing this labor himself. But he needs to justify his income for his part time job, which, by the way, exceeds my World War II military retirement pay. He should not insulate himself behind a female staff but face me and tell me that he would tolerate this condition in front of his own home.

I have documented photographic back-up.

I am 85 years old and not through with this fight.