Letters to the Editor


Dear Independent,

Please exercise caution when dismounting your high horse; it's a long way down from such heady heights.

I'm glad to see The Advertiser- and Times of Acadiana-bashing going the way of the River Ranch rah-rah stories. Most of those writers, as I'm sure you know, are competent, well-intentioned journalists gasping under the weight of Gannett's corporate bowel movements.

But the use, four times no less, of the bracketed adverb, sic, to emphasize what are obviously simple typographical errors in an otherwise well-written and no doubt hastily typed letter to the editor by James Wilson in the Nov. 7 edition just came off as utterly snarky and pretentious ("IndBox: Perturbed Publisher"). I'm sure it had nothing to do with his letter being critical of your editorial decisions.

Your disclaimer at the end of the letters section states that letters will be edited for space and clarity. Could you not have done so for Mr. Wilson? A thoughtful letter making what seems like reasonable points deserves as much.

That, my friends, makes me sic [sic].

I now throw open my breast plate to receive your barbs.

Keep up the irreverence.