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Party Girl 05.19.10

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Written by Party Girl

Who wouldn't love going to the Kentucky Derby? A group of good friends (which included Carl and Jheri Turnley, Kenny Klusman, Summer Parker, Marcus Fontenot and Rachel LeCompte) decided to high tail it out of Lafayette for a few days and indulge in some bourbon drinking, hat wearing, and horse race watching in the grand ole state of Kentucky. There was plenty to do in the days leading up to the Derby, including the Great Steamboat Race, where they were able to receive tickets to ride on the magnificent Belle of Louisville. They also visited the Brown-Foreman plant where they make the barrels for Jack Daniels whiskey. When it came time for the Derby, the rain and chilly weather kept them inside Churchill Downs most of the time, but their spirits could not help but be lifted as they all held the winning tickets, betting on our very own Calvin Borel who won the Derby for the third time in a four-year span.

It must have been woman's intuition that I wore my hot pink skirt to The Elephant Room's VIP preview party, because it was definitely a pink hued affair. The minute I walked into the leopard carpeted dining room I felt like I was in the 1940s burlesque scene of New Orleans. Hot pink walls were accented with hand painted designs, and black chandeliers hung from the ceiling with pink bulbs. It was a scene fit for a Party Girl! Only enhancing the surreal experience was a performance by the dancers from "The Dream of the Marionettes," a burlesque inspired musical that has been playing at Cité des Arts. The food put on a show of its own, with waiters passing around caramelized onion tarts and Kobe beef. The Elephant Room officially opened in early May, so be sure to snag a table at this sure to be hot spot.

Party On!

Carl and Jheri Turnley in front of the Belle of Louisville

Carl Turnley, Marcus Fontenot and Kenny Klusman

Having a bourbon tasting

Summer Parker, Kenny Klusman, Carl and Jheri Turnley,
Rachel LeCompte and Marcus Fontenot

Jheri Turnley, Summer Parker and Rachel LeCompte hold the winning tickets

Kenny Klusman and Carl Turnley

Jim Phillips and Rachael Wright

Olatunde Soyombo and Sara Chapman

Frank Limouze, Joseph Daly, Angie Daly and Janet Limouze

Bria Hobgood, Gene Todaro, Christy Leichty and Bruce Coen

Kenny Crockett, Bobby Crockett, Kenny Defelice,
Donna Defelice, Iris Crockett and Virginia Crockett

Stephen Barker and Nicole Jordan