Forty submit résumés for charter commish; meet the candidates

by Walter Pierce

The CPC is expected to begin interviewing candidates within two weeks.

With the noon Tuesday deadline having come and gone, the Lafayette City-Parish Council has 40 résumés submitted by Lafayette residents seeking a seat on the nine-member charter commission - 28 résumés from the city residents, 12 from residents living in unincorporated Lafayette Parish. According to CPC Clerk Norma Dugas, the next step is to verify the eligibility of the applicants.

The ordinance that created the commission stipulates that five members must be city of Lafayette residents, four must live in unincorporated Lafayette Parish and two commission members - one city, one unincorporated - must be members of a minority race. The council is expected to begin interviewing applicants in the next couple of weeks. The CPC will vote in unison on seven of the nine appointments - four city residents and three residents from the parish. City-Parish President Joey Durel will appoint the remaining two members - one city, one parish.

Some of the applicants' names are familiar in Lafayette's political and business circles; others are not. While eight minorities from the city submitted résumés, only one minority from the unincorporated parish applied. CPC Chairman Jay Castille says if that applicant doesn't qualify - applicants must be registered voters, and cannot be employed by or have a contractual relationship with Lafayette Consolidated Government - the council will reissue a call for résumés.

Overall, Castille says he's pleased with the names he's seen so far. "The names seem to be pretty good," he says. "I see a lot of good people in there, some knowledgeable people, some government knowledge. I think it's going to be a good group."

Following is a list of applicants who submitted résumés, along with their race/gender, district of residence and city or parish classification:

Lane Cortez              WM        District 7    City

Greg Gachassin         WM        District 8    City

William R. Thornton    WM        District 7    City

Craig Spikes             WM        District 7    City

Joseph Manning        WM        District 2    City

Odon L. Bacque        WM        District 4    City

Ernie Alexander         WM        District 7    City

Mike Hinson                WM        District 6    City

Clement Story III        WM        District 4    City

Rob Robison IV         WM        District 7    City

Donald Edward Suggs  WM       District 3    City

Andree Gonsoulin        WF       District 6    City

William P. McGovern    WM        District 7   City

Stephen J. Oats          WM        District 6    City

Kenneth L. Hix            WM        District 8    City

Lowell Duhon             WM        District 4    City

Bruce Conque            WM        District 6    City

Chad G. Hanks            WM        District 5    City

Snowden B. Grant         BM        District 2    City

Lisa W. Thomas            BF        District 2    City

Lloyd Rochon                BM        District 3    City

Jessica Cantave            BF        District 6    City

Markashia Brunco Brown BF        District 4     City

Louis Lowry                WM        District 7    City

Aaron Walker                BM        District 2    City

Mike Stagg                  WM        District 6      City

Donald W. Washington    BM        District 9    City

Gregory A. Davis            BM        District 2    City

Justin Gilmore                WM        District 1    Unincorporated

Greg Manuel                WM        District 8    Unincorporated

Cynthia J. Castille            WF        District 2    Unincorporated

Vance E. Lanier        `    WM        District 9    Unincorporated

Charley Hutchens            WM        District 8    Unincorporated

Donald E.Richard            WM        District 5    Unincorporated

Karen E. Carson             WF        District 9    Unincorporated

Sonya C. Benoit              WF        District 5    Unincorporated

Desmond Keith Miller        BM        District 1    Unincorporated

Kenneth Stansbury          WM        District 9    Unincorporated

Ed Abell                          WM        District 9    Unincorporated

Ira Jane Romero              WF        District 9    Unincorporated