Letters to the Editor


Thanks to Ron Gomez for the very nice article remembering J. Rayburn Bertrand ("Remembering Ray," March 16). Rayburn had that rare ability to remove any anger in a conversation with his calm and pleasant style. Ray was a very important person in my life and added many pleasant moments. Isn't it wonderful that as we go through life we just luck into meeting such wonderful people?

When Ray ran for mayor, he ran on a ticket with Mr. Dan Boudreaux. They were both elected, and I lost two of the best agents I had in Lafayette. I later jokingly told both Ray and Dan that I would have campaigned against them if I had known they were going to abandon their insurance offices.

Lafayette was indeed fortunate to have had Ray as mayor, and also to have our Opelousas boy Dud Lastrapes as mayor. Thanks again Ron for your tribute.