The Pipeline

The Pipeline

by Walter Pierce

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Written by Lanie Cook

Country music. Gee-tars. Trucker hats. Beer. These things are elemental to the Texas way, and Austin native Scott H. Biram - the self-proclaimed "Dirty Old One Man Band" - takes all these typically hillbilly ho-hums (hats and beer included) and throws em on a raw, rock and roll roots blues sound, all by his lonesome. Check him out with the Freetown Hounds - along with the first post-tour Lafayette performance from our very own Brother Dege - Saturday, May 29 at Grant Street Dancehall.

Multifaceted in nature, the word "funk" has numerous meanings: a crummy mood ("He's been in such a funk since his old lady gave him the boot"); a bad smell ("Put those shoes back on; your feet smell the funk!"); the guy who discovered vitamins (Casimir Funk, 1884-1967); or - more relevantly - the dirty blend of soul, jazz and rhythm and blues tunes that brings feel-good vibes and body-movin' grooves (James Brown, Sly Stone and - lucky for you - the Funk Club jam sessions at Sadies Downtown). Get up offa that thing and join members of Uma Zuma, Bimora, The Good Captain, The Botanist, Spontaneous Comphunktion and Prodigies of Peace as they milk the funk Friday, May 28.

A colorful, elegant woman born of a privileged Parisian upbriging, Gisele Carriton married a Cajun soldier after World War II and settled in Lafayette, where she eventually stirred up controversy and criticism by opening the first gay cabaret nightclub in the area - a challenging feat that eventually resulted in the death of one of the club's employees. Playwright Dennis Ward remembers and re-creates this forgotten moment in Lafayette history in his drag musical comedy-noire, Chez Gisele, which opens at Cite des Arts Thursday, May 27, and runs through June 12.

If you haven't been to a Givers show yet, take advantage on May 28 when the Lafayette music darlings play to the masses at this spring's final installment of Downtown Alive!

The folksy, bluesy tunes of The Viatones come to Blue Moon Saloon on May 30, and you can catch them again with the funky boys of Machete at Sadies on June 1... Artmosphere's got your Memorial Day Party at the Rain or Shine BBQ & Cheap Beer Deck Party with bands all day on May 31... Have your cheeseburger and fries with a side of Bird City/Giant Cloud/The Cavemen when they play at Frankie Burger on May 29... Vagabond Swing plays with Research Turtles May 28 at Blue Moon Saloon.