Turk File

Turk File June 2010

by Leslie Turk

Snap 103.7's classic rock enters market

You can now tune your dial to 103.7 FM for classic hits with an emphasis on classic rock on Delta Media's new "Snap 103.7."

The locally owned media group has been tweaking and testing the format at its sister station, Snap 87.7 FM, for more than a year and will simulcast the stations for a short period beginning next week, says broadcast veteran Sean Trcalek, who has just joined Delta Media as director of development.

"This is a brand new license for the market," says Trcalek, explaining that the new station is actually 103.7 KLWB but will be marketed as Snap 103.7. Expect a lot of Motown hits and soul music from the late 1960s up to 1990, he says. "We're not going to play stuff from the '50s."

Trcalek says 87.7 FM's new format has yet to be determined.

Snap 103.7's key demo is 35-64 year olds, likely attracting slightly more male than female listeners. "There hasn't been a station in the [Lafayette] market playing classic rock in a long time," says Trcalek, noting that Snap 103.7's closest competitor in terms of format will be Crowley-based KYBG, Big 102.1.

There's neither sugar nor oil at this Refinery

Men. Only. Refinery, a barberspa that opened in downtown Lafayette May 10, is destined to become a refuge for men who crave a little private pampering. Owner Renee Ezell, a licensed cosmetologist, is proud of her new degree. "I just became a licensed barber," she laughs.

Renee is the sister-in-law of Tsunami Sushi owner Michele Ezell, and Refinery will open on the Buchanan Street side of the old Abdalla building that houses Tsunami. The adaptive reuse of the old building plays up the rustic brick walls and concrete floors, polished to a high shine. Renee will offer hair cuts and beard trims, warm shaves, facials, manicures and pedicures, and massages. Refinery is only part of the continued development of the building. On the ground floor, one commercial suite is also being rehabbed, and upstairs, approximately half a dozen apartments are being readied for residential occupancy.

Renee says there has been significant interest already. "Lots of guys have already asked about facials." An added attraction: There's a secret door that opens into Tsunami, prime access for a sushi snack for men making a spa day of it. - Mary Tutwiler

CC's Coffee House closes Kaliste Saloom store

After more than a decade, CC's Coffee House has shuttered its Kaliste Saloom Road location in the Centre Park shopping center, which is anchored by Marcello's Wine Market Café.

"The lease isn't up till June 1, but they went ahead and gave me notice they were closing [Friday, April 30 ]," says Tex Plumley, who owns the center. "They probably called me last Wednesday or Thursday," says Plumley. While the abrupt departure did surprise him, Plumley acknowledges that he'd been in talks with the coffee house chain because he'd known for some time CC's preference is locations with a drive-thru, which his site does not offer. "They said that Starbucks was killing them, right there between Cane's and [Chase] bank, on Pinhook and Kaliste," Plumley notes.

Rachel Hull, a spokeswoman for CC's, wouldn't comment on competition from Starbucks down the street but did acknowledge that the Centre Park model is outdated for today's lifestyle. "I think our customers are looking for convenience," she says.

Celton Hayden, CC's general manager of retail operations, says the company does not have definitive plans for a new location in the general area of the Kaliste Saloom store but isn't ruling out the possibility. The Kaliste Saloom location's nine employees were all offered jobs at one of CC's seven Lafayette coffee shops, according to Hayden. He would not discuss how many employees have stayed on with the company, and CC's officials also declined to comment on recent speculation of a management shakeup at local stores.

"We're not going to discuss personnel matters publicly," says Public Relations Manager Catherine Heitman. "At Community Coffee, all employment matters are confidential and are not discussed outside of the company. Therefore, out of respect for the privacy of our current and past employees, we cannot comment on your questions regarding our employees."
Plumley maintains that the Kaliste Saloom spot is a good location for a coffee house. "I was surprised because they seemed to have a big crowd. It's kind of strange to go by there now and see an empty parking lot at a quarter to eight in the morning. It used to be full." Plumley says because of the short notice he hasn't had time to market the 2,000-square-foot space. And while it's considered a prime location, he's not expecting anyone to be beating his door down. "I think this oil spill is driving people nuts," he says. Plumley anticipates that the anxiety over what the spill will mean for the future of the oil industry may have some potential tenants in a wait-and-see posture.

In early 2009, CC's Coffee House closed its location at 3810 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, next to Imelda's. That store, which had been open for 11 years, also did not have a drive-thru. CC's last three stores in Lafayette all offer that added convenience - Johnston Street near Albertsons, Camellia Boulevard in River Ranch and Congress at Ambassador Caffery Parkway. The latter store opened in December, a clear sign the company believes in the strength of the Lafayette market and is continuing to invest here, notes Heitman.

Compiled and edited by Leslie Turk; e-mail her at [email protected]