Legend's to open fifth location on Friday

by Maria Capritto

At 11am on Friday, May 28, Legend's will open the doors on its new Johnston Street venue. First there was Bertrand.  Then there was downtown.  Then came Annex and Pinhook. Now, Legend's founder and owner Jared Doise is opening a fifth Legend's location on Johnston Street directly across from Courtesy GMC. Of course, this Legend's will keep in trend with the other four: cool lighting, amazing burgers, salads, and wraps, and margaritas that are so delicious yet somehow manage to sneak up on you and quickly smack you into a gleeful state of befuddlement. The inside of the bar is non-smoking, however, all you nicotine addicts need not worry as the patio area is so inviting and ample that you will be more than happy to sit and enjoy your smokes and the outside air.  There are TV's outside too so you won't miss the game either. The opening is at 11 am on Friday, and they will be open until 2 am. Go have a peek. And if you are brave, have a margarita.  The address is 4559 Johnston Street.  Call 337.534.0754 for more information.