Givers at Downtown Alive tonight

by Dege Legg

Givers play Parc Sans Souci for DTA.

The Fruitarian Meritocracy returns. The sound is kaleidoscopic, optimistic, and celebratory like a rainbow plastered journey into the upper reaches of the heart. There's a marrow of euphoria flushing through each note a prism of joy in each crescendo. It's part afro-rock, part power pop and part world music sock hop. It's the sound of a Fruitarian meritocracy grinding against the cynicism and firmly entrenched corruption of the modern age. It's the sound of cotton candy and pop tarts with shows that are a cross between an Up With People pep rally and neo flower power jam.

Lafayette's Givers play Downtown Alive (!) tonight, hitting the stage with the feather pillow hammer of the gods around 6 p.m. in Parc Sans Souci. Lot of fun. Lot of color. Lot of happy sounds. In addition, ACFM or AOC, whichever they're calling themselves these days, will be video taping the show with the assistance of audience members, similar to The Beastie Boys' I Shot That DVD.

And did you know that DTA is sponsored by Cox Communications, Lafayette Coca-Cola and  LetsBeTotallyClear.org? Exciting and revelatory, isn't it?

Be there tonight for Downtown Alive. Next week DTA closes out its season with The Canes.